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The infamous Witch City has another confession to make
It's 1830. Wealthy miser Joseph White has been murdered and it's up to YOU to find the killer. 
by Mark Stevick

Goodnight, Captain White

Salem's hysterical maritime mystery play


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AUDITIONS for 2016 performances

Posted on February 16, 2016 at 4:30 AM

History, Alive Inc. Announces Auditions for 'Goodnight, Captain White' a comedy in two-acts

Written by Mark Stevick

Directed by Sarah J. Mann


AUDITIONS; February 19th, 20th at Salem Old Town Hall at 6pm and February 21st at 12pm, call backs (if needed) that evening.



History, Alive Inc. in Salem, MA seeks comedic actors


As this is a stylized who-dunnit comedy, all ages (18+) and genders are considered for all roles. The play is interactive and relies frequently on improvisation, History, Alive Inc. seeks actors who are very comfortable with physical comedy and improvisation.


There is a stipend for rehearsal and performances.


Actors are sought for the following roles:


Lavinnia Beckford                   The Captain’s niece and housekeeper.  40's - 60's.



Abigail Knapp                         Lavinnia’s daughter, the Captain’s grand niece. 20's - 30s.



Frank Knapp                           Abigail’s husband, the Captain’s former employee. 20's - 30s.


Richard Crowninshield           Dangerous outlaw type.  20's - 30s.       



Penelope Muchmore               Amorous harlot type.  20's - 30s.                           


Sen. Daniel Webster                Under cover as hired help; during the play he is mistaken for the manservant, Benjamin, and is wrongly thought to be deaf. (doubles Captain White) 30's - 50's.



Captain White                          82-year-old, wealthy sea captain



The production dates are 3/31, 4/1 and 4/2 at The Hawthorne Hotel with an additional weekend TBD over the spring at the Jeremiah Lee Mansion in Marblehead, MA.


For the audition please prepare a comedic monologue 1-2 Minutes (preferably classical, but not required.) and be prepared for cold reading.

To schedule an audition please e-mail [email protected] with your name and preferred audition time.


Play Synopsis:


Old, wealthy Captain White throws a party at his mansion--to which the denizens of Salem are invited.  During the evening, an unlikely group happens into the library: the Captain’s niece and housekeeper Lavinnia Beckford, her elegant daughter Abigail Knapp and Abby’s fumbling husband Frank Knapp--along with two outsiders, the dangerous Richard Crowninshield and the town harlot, Penny Muchmore. 


The Captain retires to change his shoes (too much dancing) and never returns to bid goodnight to his guests.  It quickly becomes clear that both family and guests have good reason to resent the old man and are busily scheming to acquire his fabulous estate. 


The six characters machinate together during the first act until the murder is committed.  The serving man then reveals himself to be Massachusetts Senator Daniel Webster (replete with whiskey).  Webster appoints a member of the audience to act as his deputy; then he and the audience members reconstruct the suspects’ movements and grill them on their motives for murder.  The final outcome of the play (there are five possible endings) can be determined by the audience's vote.