History Alive, Inc. proudly presents
The infamous Witch City has another confession to make
It's 1830. Wealthy miser Joseph White has been murdered and it's up to YOU to find the killer. 
by Mark Stevick

Goodnight, Captain White

Salem's hysterical maritime mystery play

Frequently Asked Questions About Goodnight, Captain White

Is Goodnight, Captain White appropriate for children?

It depends on the child. There are sexual innuendos, double entendre and references to infidelity, slavery, and, of course, murder. There is no nudity or profanity or on-stage violence. There is nothing scary, except for how much a middle-aged matron looks like a man. Depending on the director and the actors, there can sometimes be sexually suggestive blocking or improvisation. It’s all comedic, stylized and often clownish. The poorly behaved get their comeuppances. Our youngest audience members (7-year-olds) have been oblivious to the suggestiveness, have loved the silliness and have focused gleefully on the mystery and audience participation. Adolescents who are a little bit more worldly wise may understand some of the wordplay, and respond as adolescents.

Is Goodnight, Captain White an accurate history lesson or a reenactment?

Goodness, no! Pop culture references abound. Some names have been changed to protect the guilty. The premise of the evening—a party—is for fun’s sake. The characters, though based in research, are extreme. However, we have built in to the experience plenty of opportunity to learn the facts whilst frolicking in the fanciful.

Will the audience learn about Salem’s “golden” maritime age?

Absolutely. The themes of exotic exploration, world-wide trade, and entrepreneurship permeate. The characters represent very real concerns, aspirations and challenges of New England seaside life (not to mention real families). But chances are you'll be having so much fun you won't even notice how much you're learning.

Is this a dinner theatre?

We sometimes do the show as a dinner theatre, sometimes with just desserts and bubbly or in some other edible/quaffable configurations. It depends on the arrangements with the venue. If something to eat or drink is part of the ticket, the description will be found on the ticketing website. Salem is full of great restaurants and bars in a variety of price ranges, so no matter what the arrangement is there are great dining options at hand.

How does the audience participation work?
It's all voluntary and our actors are experienced at sensing who wants to play in a big way and who would rather sit back and just watch.