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The infamous Witch City has another confession to make
It's 1830. Wealthy miser Joseph White has been murdered and it's up to YOU to find the killer. 
by Mark Stevick

Goodnight, Captain White

Salem's hysterical maritime mystery play

10 Things to Do in Salem to Immerse Yourself in History:

1. Sit on the 1692 jury of accused witch Bridget Bishop as part of the seasonal Cry Innocent : the people versus Bridget Bishop.

2. Get drafted by Massachusetts Senator Daniel Webster to solve the 1830 crime of who killed Captain Joseph White in Goodnight, Captain White

3. Take a contemplative walk on the gravel paths through the Charter Street Burial Ground, which dates to the 17th c.

4. Visit the Witch Trials Memorial.

5. Walk to the lighthouse at the end of Derby Wharf. Turn around and view the cupola of the Custom House where Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote The Scarlet Letter  during his tenure as customs officer. You can almost imagine you are returning from a long sea journey awaiting the assessment of your precious cargo.

6. Take a house tour through one of the many gorgeous properties in the stewardship of the Peabody Essex Museum.

7.  Visit Salem 1630: Pioneer Village and imagine yourself eking out an existence with the early colonists.

8. Delight in the gardens and historic houses at The House of the Seven Gables Museum.

9. Visit the Corwin House, also known as the Witch House. It's the only extant house in Salem with direct ties to the infamous witchcraft hysteria.

10. Treat yourself to salt water taffy and popcorn from Hobbes' at the Willows Amusement Park.